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In the build up to the album there were interviews with the band, I think in the videos they played some demo tracks so those could be included with the B side "7/8" and then fill out the disc with live tracks

This is something I've always been keen for. Those video clips included snippets of some of the tracks "in progress", including Hello, which to me sounded far more instrumentally impressive. Then there are the later studio clips of Billy recording an extended piano section for Remembering, and Midge's awesome guitar part for the end of Rise, which ended up somewhat buried in the mix ... it would have been great just to have this as a coda to the track, as would Billy's ARP Odyssey solo at the end of Flow. To me, all of these were examples of the distinctive Ultravox musicality missing from the album, so I'd certainly love the opportunity to hear as much of this material as possible.