No, the 12" of All In One Day is the same as the album version and there is no extended mix. Ditto Hymn, Visions, Thin Wall, Passing Strangers, Sleepwalk, New Europeans (if you're in Japan). I so wish an extended version of The Thin Wall existed.

The brief for the set was purely extended versions and so instrumental versions of tracks, 7" edits & mixes were not included: the Lament era 7" cuts & mixes were made available on the limited double LP released through Pledge last year FYI. Also, this isn't meant as a re-release or expansion of the 'Ultravox Extended' CD: it is intended to be a completely new release.

Also, because it isn't clear, the versions of We Came To Dance included is the 7:58 version originally available on the clear vinyl 12", limited Collection 12" and Japanese Hymn 12". This is almost certainly the first time the track has appeared on legit CD anywhere in the world and is a welcome return to vinyl.

All the tracks are a new 2018 remaster that has been done in a very sympathetic style to ensure that the mixes remain true to the original sound with no clipping, over-compression or 'brick-walling'. However the level of detail revealed is superb with some tracks such as All Stood Still a true revelation. Even the Brilliant mixes sound much better than the over-compressed original digital versions.

As for why are the webstore only extra Brilliant mixes only on 7 inch? Well they are edits and fit nicely on a 7 inch. The format also gives a nice feel of an old white label. They are also a free extra so cost would be a factor.