To be honest, I would have expected better feedback here. In my opinion the only thing which really lacks on all tracks is the addition of Billy Currie - especially when it comes to Vienna. This is the one track where I do not understand why the string solo had to be played with an electric guitar? It sounds so off context to me.

As for the rest, I adore the tracks, they are very well done and for sure, some benefit from slowed-down tempo and the associated orchestration.

What really deserves a negative mention is how preorders had been handled. I wanted to support the artists by buying the CD and preordering, however it started with the fact that download preorders had early access to the singles, while we did not not receive anything. Then the CD was sent out on the night before the release which - of course - was way too late for overseas delivery. Given that the website said "delivery on release date" and the reply I got was "we were told not to ship early because of possible leaks" was pretty weird. And the fact that each and every single was officially uploaded to YouTube after the album release sadly gives the wrong sign to paying audiences ...strange decision.