I was just wondering if others felt the same as myself with regard to my view that Midge (and the other three boys to be fair) are and have been underrated and unappreciated over the years by both the general public and the media?

The reason I ask is because tonight I was for some bizarre reason watching Michael McIntyre's Big Show on BBC1 and guest of honour was Sting. Now as a kid I used to like The Police but once Ultravox came on the scene that was it for me but watching the programme tonight I actually thought that Sting performing live was actually er, not very good. When you compare it to say Midge singing Vienna at the Ryder Cup Concert a few years ago Sting's performance actually sounded even worse than I thought it first sounded. Ok, as a Midge and Ultravox fan I might be a bit biased but Sting is considered this multi millionaire legend whose songs in my opinion aren't all that good and yet the little guy from Scotland to coin a present day phrase "smashes it" when it comes to live performances.

However despite (once again my opinion) Midge being vocally superior to many an artiste he and Ultravox seem way down the list of the publics and the medias favourites list.

On the old Ultravox forum I did mention something similar but I really don't understand why Midge with his vocal talents and likeable persona isn't considered more of a superstar and a TV draw to others bar us fans?