I rarely voice my opinions but here goes and no doubt I will get some stick...
With the greatest respect for Billy, for 24 of the 43 years Billy talks about the band did not exist.
It is a great shame that he views Ultravox in such a way.
I have seen both Midge and Billy doing their solo tours and whist it’s all good stuff it does not compare to the collective that is Ultravox.
Why draw a line under something that brilliant? If you can still do it then do it! They all seemed to enjoy the last tours. The new album (unlike some reunion stuff) was as excellent as anything they have done before.
Now the unintentionally sounding soppy bit but, speaking as someone who has lost all their family but one (most before I was 19!), you learn life only happens once. Why bicker and hold grudges. Do something fantastic with whatever time you have don’t waste it!
That said if the boys have had a guts full of it then of course we all respect that, just such a massive sadness.

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