Ultimately Midge is far more media-savvy than Billy, who just seems to "shoot from the hip" whenever he has something on his mind.

Midge may be telling the absolute truth in what he says, or he may be diplomatically dealing with a loaded question. He's hardly going to come out and say "Billy should never have said xyz...".

But they're not getting any younger, Warren still lives in LA I guess - and still working, unless he's retired now? Midge is constantly busy - he seems to be a workaholic as he's already booked through most of next year...and Chris has melted away and keeping a low profile once again.

I doubt we'll see them all on stage together again - and to be honest, from my POV that's ok. The tours and gigs from 2009-2012 weren't expected and were a nice surprise. Not sure I want to see them a few years older still and slower. All good things.... and all that.